Swedish Massage

Purely beneficial effects of Swedish massage

    Swedish massage has a long history. It is said to have been developed by a Swedish physician more than 200 years ago. Since then, many researchers have been applying its techniques to muscle therapy. Moreover, it is one of the most common types of massage offered in international spas and is widely practiced in medical institutions. Modern oil-based treatments are believed to have originated from some form of Swedish massage.
 This method uses a small amount of oil and slow stroking movements, which help the therapist’s hands glide closely against the patient’s skin, which in turn promotes better circulation and raises body temperature, thus improving overall immunity. This salon only uses Forest unfragranced organic oil from Sweden.

Why is only a small amount of oil used?

 First of all, it is essential to apply oil during a massage to lubricate the skin and minimize friction. Using only a small amount ensures that the skin does not become too slippery and provides a good grip on muscle tissues. As it takes time for the oil to penetrate deep into the tissues, Swedish massage first works on unwinding the tension in the upper layers and then slowly progresses deeper. Perhaps because it reflects ancient wisdom acquired through a history of severely cold Swedish winters, this technique, with its slow stroking movements, has the effect of warming the body.
 Many Japanese suffer from poor circulation, making Swedish massage the ideal solution. Incidentally, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage uses much more oil, as it works to release body heat. Again, this could reflect the wisdom that is specific to that warmer climate.

Why is it all so heavenly?

  If you are used to the pleasure parts, there is an almost painful sensation that comes with Shiatsu or Seitai, which focus on pressing on deep points of tension. So, you may find Swedish massage insufficiently intense.
 Instead of that intense pleasure/pain sensation, Swedish massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and thus helps you relax. In fact, it can be so relaxing that many people fall asleep during treatment. Swedish massage rarely results in soreness since no fingertip pressure is applied. Therefore, it is often described as heavenly.
  One of the most wonderful characteristics of Swedish massage is that many long to re-experience that heavenly feeling and return often for treatment. Periodically receiving Swedish massage is not only relaxing but is also a popular way of maintaining good health.

Ability to heal one’s soul

 “The healing power of hands”—everyone has heard this phrase in relation to the experience of a parent or another loved one placing their hands over a wound, perhaps repeating “pain, pain, go away” or just giving you a hug and rubbing your back. Isn’t it amazing how comforting and assuring that can be?
     Swedish massage takes advantage of this same healing power of hands. It sounds mysteriously wonderful, doesn’t it? You can search online for the phrases “healing touch” and “touch therapy” to learn more.

Years have passed, but its wonders remain unchanged…

     The hand movement techniques, order, and duration of a massage, which define the massage treatment, all have specific purposes and meanings in Swedish massage. These elements have remained largely unchanged over the years through to the present day. These elements work together to restore the body and mind, improve and cleanse circulation, release muscle tensions and knots, and improve immunity along with many other benefits. Here in Japan, Swedish massage is not yet widely practiced, and these wonderful benefits are not widely known. Why not give it a try and experience it at Izunoya?